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About Us

The art of gift giving should be centered on the sentiment one is expressing to another. Yet in today’s busy world, most people do not have time to convey their feelings in a meaningful way – so the gift itself becomes the expression, while the sentiment behind it often gets lost.

“GiftProse – Gifts with Sentiment” is an entirely new concept in gift giving where the gift, the greeting card, the sentiment behind the gift, and the prose are all intertwined into one beautiful package. Plus, each GiftProse gift comes personalized with the name of the gift recipient on the card along with a personal greeting from the sender.

The word ‘prose’ means different things to different people. For GiftProse…it is “the use of words to express in some poetic fashion the deeper meaning of a gesture”. Each GiftProse gift has its own unique style and message ranging from elegant to funny, sweet to sentimental, trendy to traditional. Sending a GiftProse themed gift is a thoughtful and fun alternative to flowers or traditional gift baskets, and much more convenient than shopping in a store. Experience GiftProse…the start of a new trend in gift giving.


GiftProse sprouted from the minds and hearts of two women. Born from a deep connection, these two women wanted to remain close regardless of geography or life circumstance. One a seasoned marketing executive and entrepreneur … the other a young creative spirit with a special gift for gifting. The passions and experience of these women combined to make the vision for GiftProse a reality.

GiftProse is about giving … from the heart and from the mind. Gifts from one person to another to show that you care. From friend to friend. From loved one to loved one. From business associate to business associate. And GiftProse is a gift … from mother to daughter, with love and respect.


GiftProse was founded in 2003 by a mother and daughter team. While the origin of GiftProse is deeply personal for the founders, it is also about building a serious business. Based in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan market, the Company has been developed from the ground up to ensure it can fulfill its commitment to deliver high quality gifts with warmth and style. From the design of each gift and card to the entire website experience…every detail has been planned with care to make certain your gift giving experience is of the highest quality. All individual products featured in our gifts can be found in many of the finest gourmet and gift shops around the country. The quality of the card images and paper stock are equal or superior to traditional greeting cards. And, most importantly, the thought behind each gift has been refined to ensure that your gift recipient will feel touched by your kindness when they receive their GiftProse gift.

Some people have the gift of giving—the product is perfect, the packaging is lovely, and the cute card says everything that the gesture is meant to express. If that’s not you, don’t sweat it. You can tap into GiftProse's special talent for gifting. It is our passion to conjure up the perfect package that embodies all the sentiment you are eager to express to the recipients. With our personalized greeting cards and poetic arrangement, all of the thought and kindness that prompted you to give the gift will be present in it, no matter how busy you are. Whatever you think your friend, relative or loved one will enjoy most, we’re sure to have the perfect gift! Our high-quality products are artistically arranged in packages that sparkle with the joy of the occasion. Choose from a number of items such as:

  • Gourmet foods
  • Exquisite pen holders
  • Luscious spa sets
  • Gorgeous pendants
  • Aromatherapy sets
  • Cute stuffed animals
  • Photo albums
  • Paperweights
Each package will have its own distinctive style, whether it is sentimental, elegant, amusing, or stylish, and it will be topped off with a personalized greeting card. So if you don’t have time to be creative when it comes to gift giving, leave that part to us! Your loved ones will see how much you care by the gorgeous packages you choose for them. You can even add your own special message to the card and we will send it along with all the love and respect that you would like to express. Call 866-933-GIFT for more information.
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