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Creating A New Job Gift Basket

Posted by Gift Prose on 9/4/2014 to General

No matter what the economy does, expanding or receding, any new job is usually worth celebrating. Why? Because it is a sign of growing success - most new jobs involve a promotion, a raise in pay, benefits, or in some cases, just having a secure job after a period of time being un- or under-employed, can be a sign of professional growth.

In any case, a new job is usually a positive thing and is usually worth celebrating. But while it is a wonderful thought to send a gift basket, what kind of gift basket can be good for a new job? There are gift baskets made for this type of occasion, but sometimes you may want to really personalize and customize the basket to reflect more about the specific job that your friend or loved one is accepting. And sometimes, that takes a special touch to add certain items that may not be in a mass-produced "new job" gift basket.

With that in mind, here are some individual ideas that could be thrown into a customized gift basket, if it is not included already:

A necktie or tie clip. Is this the first job in a long time that involves a suit?

A stapler. Who doesn't need a stapler on his or her desk? Fancy pen and notebook or legal pad. A perfect way to look busy when the boss walks by.

Desk calculator. While all desktops and mobile devices have a calculator on them, a desk calculator is still faster in working with quick calculations.

A clipboard. To look all supervisor-y.

A coffee mug. Because everyone who has an office drinks coffee, right?

Pen/pencil holder. Yes, your hands can't hold them forever! Mousepad.

Smartphone or tablet cover. Who wouldn't want a personalized cover for a mobile device? Gas card or public transit pass. Helps with the commute.

Department store card. A new job might mean a new wardrobe!

Audiobook. For a long commute, why not listen to a favorite novel or self-help book on the way to work?

Can you come up with some other ideas? We'd love to know about them, so feel free to send us a comment - maybe your feedback will help us improve our gift baskets!

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