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Creative Items to include in a Winter Gift Basket

Posted by Dale on 12/13/2013 to General
Winter gift baskets embrace the gift-giving spirit of the holidays while keeping with the preferences of modern, streamlined households. Winter gift baskets are also easy to customize and are a welcomed present all season long. Try sneaking a few of these treats into a gift basket to delight your friends and family.

Your local shops are a wonderful place to begin stocking your baskets. If your city boasts the best fudge or coffee on Earth, wrap some with a ribbon and a note. In large cities like New York, some of the finest small-batch chocolates are only available in person. Such rare delectable make exciting additions to your basket. If you live in the country, think about your regional specialties. Vermonters know that a bottle of good maple syrup is always loved. Look to other cultures and traditions for novel spins on old favorites. Candies from other countries turn a small pleasure into something new. The Japanese and the Swedes have especially tasty offerings.

Instead of traveling to new lands, take a trip through the past with classic sweets like ribbon candy, rock candy or old-fashioned candy sticks. If your basket is going to a household with children, add some fun extras, such as silly string or glow lights. Theme baskets are another way to get creative. Build anticipation for steaming mugs with a beverage-themed basket. Include a sachet of mulling spices for the perfect hot apple cider, gourmet cocoa with extra marshmallows or the ingredients for mulled wine. If your loved one thinks that you make the best chocolate chip cookies on Earth, create your own cookie mix by measuring out the non-perishable ingredients in cellophane bags and print your recipe on heavy card stock.

Winter gift baskets come in all sizes, from large assortments mailed to faraway loved ones to small trays of treats for neighbors and colleagues. Creating your own basket is a great holiday project, but you can add anything to pre-made gift baskets. Be sure to include a note so that the recipient knows which items are hand-picked by you.

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