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Get Well Soon: Five Gift Ideas

Posted by Dale on 2/21/2014 to General

When someone you know and love is sick, you want to do anything you can to help them feel better. Sending a card is always nice, but you can kick the caring up a notch with one of these great gift ideas:


Something to Read

Many times, people who are ill are not able to do much besides take it easy. Therefore, consider getting them a good book. They may also enjoy a magazine subscription to a publication that matches their hobby. Also consider an audio book, which can be extremely convenient for those who may not want to fumble for glasses and a reading light every time they need some entertainment.


Soothing Essentials

A really good bath can help just about anyone feel better. Consider getting bath salts, bubble bath and lotions in soothing scents like lavender. A gift basket including these items and towels or a comfortable bathrobe is a great idea. If the individual has skin issues, choose non-perfumed items or organic items to avoid irritation.


Clean the House

Many people who are ill lack the ability or willpower to clean their homes, yet they—like most people—prefer not to live in filth. Volunteer to clean their home or hire a cleaner to do a scrub for them (with their permission, of course). A clean home can go a long way toward helping someone feel better.



Many people attest to the healing power of flowers. Bright colors and fresh scents can help brighten a room and lift someone’s spirits. Send the person flowers you know they love along with a hand-written note wishing them well.



Depending on the illness, food can be a very appropriate gift. Think of the foods the person enjoys and put them together in a gift basket. Offer to cook for that person (and his or her family) for a night. Healthy foods are always a good idea, as grocery shopping for fresh produce may be difficult if the person is not feeling well. 

A well thought out gift is a great way to brighten the day of a sick friend and help them start on the road to recovery.

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