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Giant Fortune Cookies: A Unique Gift for a Special Occasion

Posted by Dale on 5/25/2014 to General
Giant fortune cookies are a novel way to make your friends and family smile, and they deliver an over-sized dose of good luck. These impressive treats weigh in at 1 pound and are almost as large as a football. Perfect for well-wishing and congratulating loved ones, the unique design also makes a great impromptu surprise to show how much you care. These treats are relative newcomers to the sweets scene. Though the tradition of fortune cookies began in America before World War II, the super-sized version dates to 1999, when an enterprising bakery came up with the idea. Today, giant fortune cookies fly out all over the world, surprising and delighting recipients.

Unlike the fortune you receive at the end of a meal in a Chinese restaurant, this message is guaranteed to please, because you get to write the foot-long fortune yourself. Simply include your custom greeting when ordering and your fortune is slipped inside the cookie, waiting for your recipient. Send your sweetheart a secret message, or tell your kids how proud you are on their big day. The unique treat delivered with your own sentiments is well-suited to joyful occasions when words matter, including birthdays, graduations, new jobs and welcoming new family members. The cookie is also great for moments when you wish you could be there, such as holidays and reunions. The sheer size of the cookie is perfect for big groups to share. Cater to gourmet tastes with an assortment of hand-dipped toppings, including Belgian chocolate, caramel toffee, peanut butter and strawberry confection. Each cookie looks as good as it tastes, decorated with elaborate Florentine icing or diamond crosshatching. Other varieties are decked with colorful sprinkles, hearts or M&Ms.

Giant fortune cookies not only surprise recipients with their novel shape and size, they delight your friends and family when they find their fortune tucked inside. Imaginative and colorful, these super-sized treats make a memorable gift for happy occasions, such as holidays, birthdays or engagements. The delicious gourmet toppings guarantee that this cookie is for eating as much as for showing off.

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