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Gift Baskets for Your Child's Teacher

Posted by Dale on 5/23/2014 to General
Kids have the best of intentions when they pick out a holiday gift for their favorite school teacher. Nonetheless, teachers receive some of the strangest presents. Tales abound of eye-watering perfumes, bottles of booze, homemade fudge from the little boy who picks his nose and a cascade of gaudy costume jewelry. Think twice before buying practical yet pretty soap; your child's teacher already has a closet full of scented toiletries, candles, mugs and apple-adorned trinkets. Among the short list of guaranteed teacher-pleasers are gift baskets. Practical, appropriate and available in a wide variety of sizes and assortments, a gift basket arrives pre-wrapped and ready to enjoy.

Choose a basket that is price-appropriate. Though customs vary from one school to another, extravagant gifts make some teachers feel uncomfortable and make other children feel bad about their smaller presents. If you do not know the traditions at your school, ask fellow parents what budget is appropriate. If the teacher has holiday goodies at home, your tempting treats may be too much.

Look for selections that have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration, so the teacher can enjoy your basket later. Good choices include nuts, such as smoked almonds and roasted pistachios (presuming the teacher is not allergic); fine chocolates and seasonal candies, including truffles and ribbon candy; drinks, such as hot cocoa and teas; and pretzels and crackers. Select baskets that offer a variety of items so that your teacher is sure to receive a few favorites. Unless you know the teacher's tastes, avoid themed baskets. A tea-loving teacher does not have much use for gourmet coffee. Likewise, if the teacher does not enjoy spicy foods, an assortment of hot sauces sits unused. If you are truly stumped, consider giving your child's teacher a gift certificate to choose a gift basket. Though gift cards are somewhat impersonal, many teachers appreciate such a practical gesture.

It is hard to shop for teachers, so stick with easy items that have broad appeal. Gift baskets make both giving and receiving easier with an assortment of delicious treats for your child's teacher to enjoy at any time. Avoid themed baskets that do not suit all tastes. Choose assortments that are varied, have a long shelf life and are price-appropriate.

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