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Giving the Perfect Anniversary Gift to Your Wife

Posted by Gift Prose on 10/9/2013
Men are notoriously bad gift givers. I know, it is not fair at all to label all men with this stereotype, but it is too often the norm! Men, take heed and never offend your wife again by presenting her with another household appliance or tickets to the sporting event that you want to attend on your anniversary date. Here are some ideas that will set you on your way to a happy anniversary this year.

1. Travel: Does your wife claim that you never take her anywhere? Well pay attention to her dream destination, and book accordingly. If you are not quite sure where she would want to go, pepper her with questions about a month before your anniversary date so she won't suspect that you are planning something. Maybe avoid springing it on her at the last second, though. You will want to be sure to give her enough time to plan her outfits and pack for herself.

2. Jewelry: This can be a delicate subject, but you can navigate it with ease if you slip into a store while you are out doing shopping or other errands on any given weekend. Just walk around and pay attention to how she is reacting to certain pieces. Or just point blank ask her about a month or so in advance: "What do you like the most in this store?" You should make it a point to find out what type of jewelry your wife prefers! Generally speaking, a gentleman can never go wrong by choosing diamonds.

3. Handbag(s): Given your budget, buy your wife her lust after handbag, or an assortment of bags from her favorite brand. If you are not sure what to choose, take her shopping yourself and buy them on the spot! She will feel like a princess.

4. A nice date: How long has it been since you both got dressed up and treated yourselves to a nice night out? Go all the way and secure the car service, tickets to an event she would like to see, and dinner reservations at your favorite romantic restaurant. You might even choose to wind down the evening by booking a hotel room in the city where you live!

No matter what you choose, it really is not about the money you spend. Just give it thought so the gift reflects your relationship, and how much you value your wife. In this instance, unless she is a professional chef, you should really stay away from gifting her with new kitchen gadgets! If you take the time to plan a romantic and thoughtful way to spend the day together then you are sure to come out as husband of the year.

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