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How to Create the Right Gift Basket for Kids

Posted by on 8/2/2014 to General
When you think about gift baskets, you probably think of them as suitable for adults. Many gift baskets include items that adults like, such as wine, cheese or coffee. However, gift baskets can be just as varied as the recipients and the occasion for which you give them. Gift baskets can be ideal gifts for kids, allowing you to give them items they want while also creating a unique gift.
Here are a few tips for how you can create the right gift basket for kids:
Pick Items that Match Their Interests
The most important thing for gift baskets designed for any person is to match their interests. With children, you can choose small toys that are age appropriate and related to what they like. For example, you can pick toys from shows they like, specialty items like trains, or even arts and crafts kits. For older children, you might include items like video games, nail polish or DVDs. If they aren't your children and you aren't sure about what they might like, ask their parents.
Add Some Festive Items
Make your gift basket appropriate to the occasion by adding some festive items. If the basket is for a birthday, tie a few balloons on the handle. If the basket is for Easter, include some colorful eggs. If it is for Christmas, include an ornament or a musical Santa. Get in the spirit of the occasion, and you will make the gift basket special.
Add Sweet Treats
Everyone loves a little something sweet, and adding treats to the basket can make it special. If you are giving the basket for a holiday, choose some themed treats, like chocolate eggs for Easter or candy canes for Christmas. If you are giving the basket for another occasion, choose treats according to what the child likes. Be mindful of allergies when making your choices.

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