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Thoughtful Gestures to Help Your Injured or Ill Loved One

Posted by Gift Prose on 3/15/2015 to General
When a loved one or someone you know is ill or injured, it can be hard to know what to do. Should you visit them, or would they prefer to have their space? What can you say to someone who is in the hospital besides “I’m here for you”? Here are some practical things you can do to help your friend or acquaintance in need. 

1. Offer childcare. Do they have young children? Or pets? Offer to help if you’re able. Knowing that someone is willing to stop in to check in on their dog, or having a trusted loved one available to watch their kids, can help them relax while they’re ill or hurt. 

2. Mow their lawn. If your neighbor always mows their own lawn but is in the hospital, chances are he/she won’t be getting around to it for a while. You can offer your services so they can relax and get better.

3. Don’t have time to mow lawns or watch kids? What about a thoughtful gift with practical value? You can choose from our selection of gift baskets, including Get Well Soon themed baskets, to find a practical and thoughtful gift basket for your friend or family member. 

4. Give money. When someone is ill, finances are usually tighter than usual. You can leave it an anonymous donation if you don’t want your assistance recognized, or if you think your friend won’t like being offered money directly. 

5. Ask what they need! Still not sure? Just ask them outright what they need, and do it for them if you are able to do so. 

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