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Why Personalized Gifts Make Long-Lasting Corporate Connections

Posted by Dale on 11/18/2013
Forging close personal connections is extremely important. When two businesses have employees and supervisors that trust each other, numerous advantages can result for both companies. These advantages include increased business opportunities for both businesses, decreased need to spend time searching for necessary goods and services and increased access to the network of connections forged by each business. 

One of the best ways to start off a potential business relationship is with a personalized gift to the employees or executives of the business. A thoughtful gift can help make long-lasting corporate connections in many important ways. 

When to Give a Gift? 

Many business people wonder when it is appropriate to give a gift to another company. Several common gift giving occasions are known and agreed upon by nearly all corporations. Major holidays such as Christmas are a fine time to give to a gift. Make sure company officials share in this holiday season before sending a gift at this time. Another appropriate time to give a gift is upon successful completion of a joint project. Yet another time to consider a gift is when an important employee or member of management has an important life-changing event such as a birth or marriage in his or her immediate family. 

What Sort of Gifts are Appropriate? 

A personalized gift is always a good idea to give to another company. Examples of personalization include items with a person's name on it as well as items that adhere to a person's known tastes. For example, if the head of the company likes to sail and has a boat, a gift related to sailing such as painting of a wharf or particularly scenic part of the shore would be highly appropriate. If possible, provide a card with a personalized greeting to go with the gift. 

What Are the Advantages of Personalized Gifts? 

Personalized gifts can help both the gift giver and the person receiving the gift in many important ways. A personalized gift is, above all, an indication that the person sending it knows, remembers and understands something about the person they have sent the gift to. The gift giver remembered the receiver's likes or hobbies or just merely that they love the color mauve or dark chocolate. It reminds the person getting the gift that the person sending it listened to them closely and paid attention to their words even in a casual conversation. 

This also indicates that the person sending the gift is probably a good listener with excellent people skills and a better than average memory. Those sorts of skills are highly essential skills in the business world. An employee who pays attention to details on a gift is someone likely to pay close attention in other areas as well. 

As a result, the person getting the gift will tend to have a pleasant memory about the person who sent them the gift. This warm memory can help people forge connections and even seek to work together long term for a common goal.

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