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Personalized and Custom Gift Baskets for any Occasion

Posted by Gift Prose on 2/18/2015
Personalized and custom gift baskets are always a hit for any occasion.  With Spring around the corner after St. Patrick’s Day, then onto Easter and Mother’s Day, there are a number of ways you can express your love, compassion and/or sociality this season with a custom gift basket.  In addition, gift baskets are wonderful ways to express admiration to those you work with by sharing such a treat.  For showers, weddings, social events, or holidays, the gift basket provides the atmosphere with positive feelings and a sense of togetherness for the occasion.  Gift baskets are also venerated gifts for those in need of empathy and sympathy, from a recent loss or suffering from an illness.

Do You Speak the 5 Languages of Love?

Posted by Gift Prose on 2/10/2015 to General
The most successful and inspiring relationships are among couples and families who speak all the five languages of love: Quality time, words of affirmation, giving and receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. So if you feel you are not 'fluent' in one, maybe you can compensate with another until you are comfortable to move on to another ‘language. It's also important to learn how the other person speaks their language of love so you can talk to them in that language for complete understanding.
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