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Best Gift Ideas for a New Baby

Posted by Dale on 2/11/2014 to General

A new baby comes into the world and with it comes tons of expenses and needs new parents may not have expected. As a caring friend, you want to get a gift that will be helpful and meaningful. Here are a few great ideas any new parent would love.




Depending on their parenting style, mom and dad will likely have certain items they need every day. For example, formula, diapers and wipes are staples in many homes with new babies. You can ask parents ahead of time if they prefer a certain brand or style. When it comes to diapers, purchase boxes of various sizes, as babies tend to grow quickly. Or, check out a “diaper cake,” which is a cute way to package tiers of diapers.




So long as you stick to basic colors, it is hard to go wrong with clothing. Try to match the parents’ taste if you can, or find out which stores carry the lines they enjoy best. Take into consideration that some babies have very sensitive skin, so you may think about buying organic clothes. When in doubt, include the gift receipt.


Gift Card


While many people may think it is impersonal, a new parent will tell you that a gift card is always a welcome present. There are many things parents do not realize they need until the baby comes, and having a gift card to a grocery store or department store can come in handy for those purchases.


A Little of Everything


One great way to contribute to a new family is with a gift basket in which you can put together all kinds of items. You can purchase them based on a theme, like a “bath time” gift basket that includes baby-friendly soap, washcloths and towels. Or, consider a basket that caters to the sex of the baby, complete with blue or pink blankets, stuffed animals and other infant items. A gift basket can combine all the great ideas into one present that parents will appreciate.

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